A Collection of Frequently Asked Questions about the Strange Clan NFT project.
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Perks & NFTs

  1. You get a unique NFT from the first batch of 5000 minted NFTs for the First Town in Strange Clan! The NFT art is hand-drawn by our creative director, @opergator (Nicholas Roberts). Every NFT will be 100% unique.
  2. You get in on the ground floor of the making of the Strange Clan game and the entire Passage metaverse! Be a part of our journey! You’ll get access to exclusive Discord channels, in-game community opportunities, and exclusive story content.
  1. ITEMS DROPS - Item-drops to the NFT wallet associated with the procured NFT-character. The items will vary depending on character, class and chance. These items will have real-world use later in the game.
  2. PASSAGE TOKEN AIRDROPS - The wallet-owner of the NFTs of the original 5000 will be granted 2 allocations for airdrops of the Passage token (due for launch in Q4-21). The Passage token will be the overarching token for the entire Passage metaverse (Whitepaper will be announced before the launch of the token). The NFT holders of Town 2 will be granted 1 allocation.
  3. FARM STRANGE CLAN TOKENS - The NFT characters will be able to be used for farming the Strange Clan token even before alpha testing, and farming for Town 1 will start before the launch of Town 2 (more details will follow).
  4. FIRST PRIORITY FOR ALPHA/BETA TESTING - The servers are being scaled up and throughout the process we will invite larger and larger groups in to the world. Even before the official Alpha, the NFT-holders will be prioritized to test the world.
  5. FIRST ACCESS TO LAND – The owners of NFTs from Town 1 and 2 will have an exclusive chance to acquire the first 1000 land plots (discover and cultivate the land to claim it). The land can be used to generate profit as well as to customize to your own liking (Did I hear Tea-hut or Tavern anyone?).
  6. TRADE AND SWAP NFTs ON MARKETPLACE – During Q4, the official Passage Marketplace will launch where you will be able to buy, sell and trade NFTs. There will also be the ability to directly transfer the NFT to another wallet.
  1. EXCLUSIVE MOUNTS - Users from the first two towns will receive exclusive egg airdrops.
  2. SPECIAL QUESTS AND STORYLINES - Questing will happen in seasons with different storylines, enemies, and loot to collect along the way! The first 10.000 NFTs will get access to special quests.
  3. DISCOVER NEW CHARACTERS IN-GAME – Everyone will have a chance of discovering characters that will then go to the marketplace. The finder gets a share of the sale! This is not exclusive to the first NFT-holders but the early members will be able to get started first.
  4. GET PHYSICAL MERCHANDISE BASED ON YOUR NFT! - We are exploring partners to enable you to get your own NFT-art on merchandise such as clothing etc. Access to a physical game is also being work at. This will be further explored as we go!
  5. START EXPERIENCING THE GAME! – The Alpha testing will commence in full in Q2-2022 and from there it will only expand and grow!

Through buying a NFT you support the continued growth of the Passage Metaverse and the Strange Clan World!

All revenue from the NFT sales will all be used by the Three Division team to:

  • Develop the Strange Clan world on Passage
  • Support the Strange Clan community
  • Grow the Passage ecosystem to expand the worlds available to Clan members and early Passage adopters.

All funding prior to the NFT-sale has been paid for by Three Division and the current revenue stream from Passage platform as well as funds from client work (CGI, VFX, 3D, animation etc.). No outside capital has been brought in.

The first batch of 5000 NFTs have been minted and at the time of the marketplace launch (early december 2021) these will be made available for aftermarket trading. Town 2 will be released after this with an additional 5000 NFTs (probably release target is Q1-22). Please join our Discord to keep yourself informed of the latest information!

Yes! Once the passage marketplace is fully developed you will be able to trade the NFTs (expect beginning of December 2021). At the point of minting this will not be possible to move or trade the NFTs however.

A marketplace is going to be a key element for the game. In order for people to have utility in owning NFTs (including in-game skins, customizations and items) they need a formal ecosystem where we can trade NFTs. So, a priority for the project is to facilitate an efficient marketplace in conjunction with a good NFT wallet for cosmos.

We are looking to create a marketplace world where users can buy/sell items, resources, land, and characters as NFTs. We’re building tools so other projects can set up their own marketplace, or users can just sell in the Passage marketplace.

Yes, playing mechanics will be developed to enable passive income through extra characters so that will be of value (passive store income or through other means). Do keep it mind that is being developed as it goes so it will most likely not be available from day 1.
The mint will be random so buckle up! We are exploring means for you to change class to your preferred play style later on in the game however. It will however not be possible to transform rare NFTs to other classes. This is currently being explored so more info later.


Our studio is named Three Division, which is the founder of the product Passage. We are US-based and currently employ eight full time employees as well as a number of contractors (locally and abroad).

We are working on the Passage metaverse platform full-time. Strange Clan will be an extension of what we are doing with Passage, and we have had much of our team dedicated to Strange Clan specifically in the last months. Some of the metaverse and game world functionality already exists because of our work with Passage. It will still be a big effort, because it is a unique concept, but we have a lot of resources and support, and we can scale our team as needed. We will recruit staff or enlist consultants in the areas where we lack experience or where we need a greater push.

We have a good experience with delivering interactive gaming-type content through Passage to large clients and we have a good track record on deadline adherence and a high-quality finished product.

Our team has launched huge projects for brands like Amazon, Capitol Records, American Girl, and more. Unlike a game studio, the clients and contracts always impose our deadlines. Therefore, we are very familiar with what it takes to bring a product to market according to a schedule.

In addition, we already have a working product that we are building on. With Passage as the platform, we have a lot of work already done for us. There will definitely be experimenting though, as what we are creating is very new. So, the strategy will be to release the functionality in stages and allow users lots of time to test each piece and provide feedback!


We aim for a totally new paradigm! It’ll be a chill adventure game with quests, social activities, and competitive battles, but it’ll also have farming and crafting for NFT goods and tokens. It’s like defi had a baby with triple A gaming and chill couch co-ops. The game will be developed in increments and released to the community as we progress.
We love many classic games because we believe that story is everything. A few honorable mentions would be Zelda: Majora’s Mask, Final Fantasy and Baldur’s Gate as well as the games by Miyazaki (Dark Souls, Bloodborne etc.). We feel that few games being made now have the same kind of story, depth and mystery, so that is something that we wish to cherish in this game. Divinity Original Sin and the latest Baldur’s Gate 3 are also good examples of newer games that have a strong focus and depth.
Passage and The Strange Clan is built on Unreal Engine 4. We believe UE is the best gaming experience that we can offer apart from creating a custom engine. As Unreal Engine 5 becomes sufficiently tested, our ambition is to port the game to the newest version.

The three core mechanics will be farming, crafting and questing.

  • Farming will be any kind of resource collecting. Different characters will be able to collect different resources through different actions.
  • Crafting will pertain to different crafts where farmed materials are refined to tools, gear, weapon and armor that will be essential for performing quests. The materials used for crafting can either be farmed or be bought via the market from other players who have farmed them.
  • Questing will include exploration and dungeon diving. Exploration will be important for discovering and cultivating new land. This will allow users to recruit new characters. Recruiting will allow new users to come into the world, but existing users will benefit, because they get a share of the sale when a new user buys the newly found characters. The same will apply to land. Users do not need land to play, only a character, but I there will be benefits to owning land and then the users from the first towns will be able to discover more land by claiming and cultivating the land. The world will be discovered slowly, and early players will benefit from new players coming in.

Regarding the gameplay, we will have competitive elements but we also want people to be able to get in, hang around for a few minutes and do some casual farming or a quick quest. As fathers, we can relate only being able to catch a few minutes of gaming and we want to accommodate that.

The game is based on a big adventure story and there will be a cast of characters progressing through the story.

The games that we like are those that are highly story focused, so we are trying to build an immersive story world with a deep lore and a lot of fantastic art content to back it up. We have previously done a graphic novel relating to world building via Three Division and we will have graphic novels for the creation of this game and story as well. We want people to engage with the game regardless of your play style (competitive elements, exploring, and farming).

The game certainly will have close resemblances of the MMO-genre but we do not use the analogy freely as Massive Multiplayer Online games often have “grinding”-elements in the game that we not feel is a good analogy to what we wish to accomplish with our game. We wish to connect players in a metaverse and enable more echo-systems to latch on to our platform, and we mainly identify ourselves as a story and community driven game rather than the classical MMO-genre type game.

Members of the discord have already begun experiencing the hints of the storyline and this will continue to expand as the project develops.

There will be 24 possible characters and 13 different classes with many variations on these classes (base class, rare variations, different appearances and different features). There is a definite benefit of owning several NFTs as they can also engage in passive work (farming for example).
There will be infected characters as the game progresses. There will be different play styles and some people will want to get infected while others may avoid it. It will be a personal preference depending on how you want to interact with the storyline. No infected characters are released in the first mint as we want the members to have a choice in how they interact with the infection. More information will follow regarding the infection!

There will be multiple ways to farm such as staking NFTs and tokens or doing tasks in the 3D world. The priority is that farming creates value for the community and does not involve pointless activities. Crafting will be creative and fun. There will be no grinding in this game. It will likely be set up so users farm to get resources based on their class, which will allow them to craft different items. Users can sell items or resources in a marketplace for tokens.

Farming and crafted items will be required to go on a quest. Users who do not want to do as much farming or crafting can buy resources with tokens from other users. That way, their tokens stay in the community and help other users. It gives users the opportunity to play in different ways.

Yes, we will have dedicated tokens but we have yet to finalize the desired token structure. We want to have a token for the broader ecosystem so value translates better for users across different worlds. We are therefore planning for a token for the Passage metaverse platform. This will be the entry point into all kinds of worlds.

Secondly, we are reviewing a token launch for Strange Clan specifically in order to accommodate the specific economic structure of that world

It will likely be a Cosmos token exclusively at first, but with all the developments in Cosmos/Ethereum bridges, we are confident we will have good cross-chain liquidity soon.

Expect more information during Q4!

The biggest difference we see regarding non-blockchain games is that the community that we have started to build here can continuously provide us with good feedback and help steer the direction of the game as it is being built. This gives us a strong edge that will create a more engaging and deeper community driven in-game experience.

We already have an amazing and supportive community, which will play a large role in the success of this project!

Our aim is not to launch at one specific point in time, but rather to create a unique experience where the larger audience is able to provide input as we develop the game. We have experience from working in the service-based business so we have high standards on a high functioning game and this will present itself in stages as we expand. We do not want to create a traditional game and latch on a crypto filter to it, but rather really take advantage of all the benefits that blockchain technology brings right off the bat.


Currently the income is coming from clients utilizing Passage as this project is not self-sufficient or have significant monetary backing as of yet. All funds from the sale of first 5000 NFTs will go to continue funding and scaling up our efforts to develop The Strange Clan and the Passage metaverse.

We have received a lot of interest from investors and depending on the needs of the project and the value they can bring, and this will be evaluated on a continuous basis. We are also in the early works to create tokens related to the Passage metaverse as well as the Strange Clan. We are confident we will have the support we need and transparency throughout the process is our number one priority. ****

The biggest challenge is making sure that we have a solid path for the cosmos system to facilitate all that we wish to accomplish. We want to build something that lasts and where other organizations can latch on to it and expand. Our ambitions are very big so in the short term the challenge will be to balance our long-term plans against short-term benefits and functionality. We think that providing early adopters with functionality that they can use now is a priority while the long-term focus will be creating a structure that is sustainable and engaging going forward.


We’re currently deep in conversation with Niantic, Dolby, Funimation, Nickelodeon, and Comic-Con, and there is a lot of excitement around what we’re doing and how it connects to NFTs. From the crypto universe, we have been actively seeking out leadership in the Cosmos community. In the second week of September, we demoed the Passage platform for the Tendermint CEO as well as an influencer with 10 million followers.

So, we are working directly with some leaders in the crypto community as well as relevant influencers where we have gotten great traction and excitement.

Our initial focus is the vibrant and strong Cosmos community to get people in from the start, provide input, test and bring attention to the game. Long-term we for sure will extend our market outreach and we already have members reaching out wanting to connect us to influencers with millions of followers.

The great thing about the Cosmos ecosystem is that every chain has interoperability and a strong sense of community so we want to involve as many projects as possible (Cross promotions, air drops etc.)

And once we have a good foundation and have a clearly communicated path, we will want to continue to push outward. The next stage would be to extend our reach outside the crypto community to bring in participants from the “ordinary” gaming community.

Cosmos and Akash is a game changer for us. We have been building applications for a long time that need somewhere to run and mostly that has been through google our amazon compute services. Decentralization carries a huge potential so when digging into the broader ecosystem around Akash and cosmos we saw massive potential from a development perspective. We can build fast, efficiently and have good interoperability with other chains going forwards.

Combine that with the amazing and dedicated community within Cosmos and all other projects currently being built and it was an obvious decision for us. We expect to continue and expand our collaborations within the Cosmos ecosystem.

The game is to be built using the Akash cloud computing service and AKT will primarily be used to fund the cloud compute capacity required for the Passage metaverse and Thestrangeclan game to run smoothly. We see great potential in Akash and are looking forward to continue expanding our involvement with them.
All backend processes, UI and code that runs on the CPU will be running on Akash. The graphical side rendered with Unreal engine will need GPU power and we are hopefully able to utilize Rendertoken for our GPU-compute needs, which essentially is a decentralized GPU compute network so the ambition is to be able to utilize this. Akash also have GPU-compute cloud on their Roadmap so this will also be reviewed once it draws closer.


Yes, we will have dedicated tokens but we have yet to finalize the desired token structure. We want to have a token for the broader ecosystem so value translates better for users across different worlds. We are therefore planning for a token for the Passage metaverse platform. This will be the entry point into all kinds of worlds.

Secondly, we are reviewing a token launch for Strange Clan specifically in order to accommodate the specific economic structure of that world

It will likely be a Cosmos token exclusively at first, but with all the developments in Cosmos/Ethereum bridges, we are confident we will have good cross-chain liquidity soon.

Expect more information during Q4!

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